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Play Rugby in Yokohama Yamate

Through playing rugby, we would like children build strength and make wonderful memories with many friends.

Yokohama YC Rugby School teaches children aged 5-12.


For more than 40 years, we have been enjoying rugby every Sunday in YC&AC

Where Rugby Began

Our home ground (YC&AC) is where rugby was first played in Japan in 1862.
We practice on the amazing pitch where professional football clubs and national teams such as Wallabies practice when they visit Japan.
​International Relationship

We build friendship with people all around the world through participation in local events, such as Bon-odori in YC&AC, and St Patrick Day parade in Yokohama Motomachi.


Children in our school develop excellent communication and leadership skills through playing rugby in a very collaborative and friendly atomosphere.

Our School

  YCRS in Media  

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Q Where and when do you practice?

A Every sunday, 8:00-10:00, at YC&AC. Due to practice matches and events, timing and locations can change. So please ask.

Q How old do I need to be, to join the school?

A Kindergarten (nencho / 5Y) - Primary 6th Grade.

Q  Can girls join too?

A  More than welcome. There are many girls in our school and other schools. In primary school level, girls and boys play together. Alumni of our school plays in Women's national team.

Q  I'm already 6th grade - can I join?

A  Yes. YC Rugby School's policy is to give everybody opportunity to play in matches. 

Q  Can I continue to play when I go to Jr. High / Chugakko?

A  We do not have Jr High team, unfortunately. However, many of our graduates continue playing rugby in other clubs in Yokohama or Jr. High schools. 

Q What are the equipments I need?

A Sports wear and shoes. A water bottle (water or sports drinks). A headguard (¥4,000-¥6,000) and mouthguard (¥1000-¥3000) will be required as you go along.  You may want to have a pair of football boots too (metallic screw-in studs are not allowed; look for molded plastic studs). Schools use our balls so you don't need to buy (¥3,000-¥5,000), unless you want to practice at home. Childrens will need to wear School jerseys and socks (¥13,000-¥18,000) to participate in official matches.

Q Where can we buy equipments?

A Tricolor (トリコロール) in Sakuragicho, or B&D in Sakuragicho are our favorite places to shop rugby equipments. For official jerseys and socks, please contact Tricolor (トリコロール).

Q What are the extracurricular events?

A In spring and autumn, we have official tournaments. In august we have Summer Camp in Sugadaira (3rd grades and above, 2 nights / 3 days) . On top of those, we have cultural events such as Mochitsuki, Bon-Odori, Rugby Undokai, Local parades such as St Patrick's Day, Christmas.

Q How do parents get involved?

A The school is run by volunteer coaches; there is nothing parents would need to do. 


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YC&AC, 11-1 Yaguchidai, Naka-ku, Yokohama [more details]


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